Word from the Far Reaches

Nascence Redux

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted here.  I guess that’s because it’s been awhile since I’ve had anything to post about!

Those of you who follow the show know that we’ve bounced around the web a little.  We started at StarTrekFrontiers.net, where our little series took root and started building up a fan base.  We then merged with the erstwhile Star Trek: Renaissance and the new Star Trek: Star’s End to become a founding member of VirtualStarTrek.com.  “VST” as we lovingly called it was one of the pioneer hub sites online, a place where people could come to enjoy not just one, but three high quality Trek shows (with two more great shows, Avalon and Knight’s Haven, eventually joining the lineup).

When interest in Trek began to wane and the community died down a bit, Frontiers became the last founding show still standing, alongside then-newcomer Knight’s Haven.  KH’s creator and I mutually decided it was time to close up shop.  Frontiers moved over to another hub site, Monster Zero Productions.  This site was much larger than VST, and featured a large following of Joss Whedon fans and some other virtual continuations.

MZP has recently announced that they are closing its doors to so-called fan fiction to focus on more original works.  This change on their part has prompted us to move up plans that were already in motion.  We certainly don’t begrudge MZP this change.  They are doing what they believe is best for the growth of their online community.  As a show runner, I must do the same.

Which is why I came to the conclusion a few months ago that it was not in Frontiers’ best interest to remain at MZP.  We never found much of an audience there, for a variety of reasons (most of which are not significant enough to get into here).  Let us simply say that I came to the realization it was time to move on, and that plans have been in motion since that time to make the move happen.

So, what does this mean for our readership?  For the moment, not much is going to change.  You can still access our episodes from our “temp” site at http://www.startrekfrontiers.net.  Our Facebook page is still up and running, and we will keep providing updates there.

In the coming weeks, however, you can expect to see our newly relaunched website at StarTrekFrontiers.net, as well as our efforts to bring you the latest content as efficiently as possible.  We’ll be embracing Facebook and social media, giving you the ability to connect and read Frontiers any time, with ease!

The staff of Frontiers would like to wish MZP the best of luck in its future plans.  And to those who are sticking with us, get ready for some exciting journeys ahead!


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