Word from the Far Reaches

A New Old Story

So, where the heck have we been “this time” anyway? Seems like we get a huge burst of momentum and then we trickle out. As is often the case, real-life is the culprit. Aside from a new job, I also had the opportunity to write and direct an actual, flesh and blood web series, called Shepard. As I write this blog, we’re preparing for our final day of filming for “Season 1.0” of that series. I won’t be returning to it until next Spring.

I’m also directing a short film in Janury, Bella Morte. If you enjoyed our episode, Valley of Shadows, you’ll love Bella Morte. Check the links at the end of this post for more info.

I wanted to offer an update on the various elements of Frontiers, so you know where we stand and what’s happening. I’ll also review our future plans.

First and foremost, Season 3. We’ve made some big changes to the lineup for the season. The biggest and most notable detail is that we have completely dropped Ascent, which was our feature film stuck in between the second and third seasons. Originally the feature was supposed to be a mini series, and that mini series was supposed to kick start staff motivation. We did the film for all the wrong reasons, and it has always held a somewhat jarring place within the overall Frontiers narrative. So, it has been dropped. We’ll include the script as a bonus feature for anyone who enjoyed it, but it’s not part of the canon any longer.

I’ve been in stasis on the first leg of the S3 release, which is redrafting the first two episodes. There’s also a new episode, Vanguard, that I am writing.

On the reverse end of the season, we have the small matter of several unreleased episodes that need penned. Our longtime staff writer, Jaron Hatch, has been hard at work on his contribution. I’ve got two to write myself. And Henrik will be contributing one as well, I believe. Once those are wrapped, Season 3 will be a “go” and we can get on with it.

As for the future, I promised everyone a fourth season and I still intend to deliver on that promise. After the fourth season, we will have our series finale – which will itself a be mini-season that will tie up the stories and loose ends.

Our new website design is more or less finished, it just needs content added. I realize our material is in limbo right now as the MZP site is gone and our new site (a redress of our old site) has no links. That’s also being worked on. As part of that, I’m going to offer a status page for our readers, which will be updated by the writers to show how far along we are in various stages of writing and production. It will help keep us a bit more focused and will help answer the question of, “When the heck is this show coming back?”

Finally, everyone was promised a “Director’s Edition” of the Season 2 episode “Daybreak.” It’s about 50% written.

It’s a slow process with my real life projects but I’m pressing onward. Check out the links below for some info on my real world efforts!

Shepard: A Web Series

Bella Morte


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