Word from the Far Reaches

Season 3 Lineup

Here it is, the season that never finished, that’s been six years in the making! No release dates just yet, but since we’ve shaken things up a bit in Season 3, I thought I’d share the titles. This is the first actual, complete listing of the third season that has ever existed.  You’ll see some new and as-yet unaired episodes, as well as some old favorites.

This time out, the first two episodes have been rewritten from the ground up, and episode 3×03 is a completely new addition, to facilitate some necessary plot points originally established in “Ascent” (see previous post if you haven’t heard about the fate of our “feature film” script).

Enjoy the tease. A release date announcement will hopefully go up in a few weeks.

3×01: Where Prophets Walked
3×02: Promised Land
3×03: Vanguard
3×04: Prodigal Clan
3×05: The Federationers
3×06: Kali Yurga
3×07: Wagon Train
3×08: One for Doran
3×09: Project: Deep Sky
3×10: Exit, Stage Right
3×11: Blessed Are the Peacemakers
3×12: Evanescence
3×13: Golgotha
3×14: Hourglass
3×15: Virtus Vero
3×16: Fallen


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