Word from the Far Reaches

Resistance is… you know…

Why the heck, after nearly a year without a single post here, seven years since Season 3 abruptly ended, and two years since even a re-release dropped, would I pick up the figurative pen and start writing here once more?

I’ve got to be honest, I have no idea.

Frontiers should have ended long ago. It should have went the way of almost every other Trek VS and faded into the ether. If the number of false starts were currency, we could cure world hunger and still have money to burn.

I don’t really want to keep delving into “here’s where it went wrong last time” and “here’s why it won’t go wrong this time.” We’ve all been down that road a million times by now, and really, there’s no point. When I started Frontiers, I was in my mid-twenties. I had no job. I had fewer kids. And I had a head full of strange ideas about how the world works. I was downright naive, I’d say, although at the start of the series that naivety was already on its way out.

I’ve always had an unfortunate habit of thinking I can do things that I have never done, and get it right on the first try. I’m in a hurry and rush in headlong without due consideration. I am, in other words, Bruce Andrade. I am the antithesis of the Spiran ideal. Sito himself would shun me and never speak to me again. In more recent years, this unfortunate tendency has caused problems in the real world, too.

But that’s all so much white noise. My personal life and issues really shouldn’t factor into Frontiers, but I’ve always used them as a crutch. To hell with all that.

Frontiers isn’t going disappear, and it isn’t going to go away. My passions are fickle and I get bored easily, it’s true… but for some reason, I keep coming back here. I can’t abandon these characters. I can’t get this series. I’ve grown too fond of them all, and I owe too much to Trek to just leave everyone languishing. And you all deserve closure. You deserve an ending. But you also deserve the freaking story.

I’m a very different guy now, staring down the barrel at age 35. Frontiers is a decade old come May. Good lord – a decade! For ten years of my life, this series has existed in my head. And for much of that, it has stalled out. It’s a crime.

So what am I getting at here? Well, I’m not going to pretend like I’ve got a staff room full of writers eager to take up the charge again. But in my rapidly continuing “old age” I’ve certainly got a new appreciation for this show. I’ve been re-reading our vDVD releases and a lot of it holds up. I’m not saying Frontiers is going to be wrapped up in the next year, or two years. But I am saying I’m damn sure going to make a go of it. Screenwriting has become cathartic for me, a way to relax after developing real life film projects. Less to worry about here. Less stress, less pressure. It’s more enjoyable.

So for the two or three of you that may still care, I’m going to try and get this going again. Just me – no staff worries, no other folks involved. I’m gonna tell this story, even if it takes another ten years. Though I certainly will aim for less.

Not much else to say right now. Season 3 “lost episodes” await creation.


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