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Season 3 Lineup (Revised)

Although I’m a long ways off from having this season finished, I wanted to share our rough outline for it. I’ll even include a little teaser blurb to give a few hints about where the story is going (and how the season has changed somewhat). I am treating Season 3 as a “new” season, since almost all of it is (except for a few episodes that will be retained). Enjoy the look!

3×01: Shadows & Dust – As the Federation prepares for the mission to the Great Attractor, some of its key people and facilities are under attack by an unknown enemy.

3×02: The Silent Dark – The Enterprise crew leads an investigation into allegedly mythical entities from Spirus’ past, while Majenka Sito eyes a career change…

3×03: Kali Yuga – The mystery of the Aduul brings the crew back in touch with an old friend of Celeste’s, who is less than happy to hear about her trial and the new implants.

3×04: Wagon Train – The fleet bids the Alpha Quadrant a final farewell

3×05: Prodigal Clan – En route to the first major jump point, the fleet assists the Jem’Hadar’s ancestral “parent” race with setting up a communications relay on the edge of the galaxy.

3×06: Project Deep Sky – On the eve of the first major transwarp jump, Koth relates the tale of the Third Great Human Migration.

3×07: The Others – After the success of “A Trek Across the Stars”, Yanise and her crew are back, this time chasing after stories among the non-Starfleet ships in the fleet.

3×08: Pretend Thrones – Cale Sydrin orders the fleet on a strange (and wasteful) side mission, putting him at odds with Sito.

3×09: Pretend Kings – Sydrin’s bizarre orders have led to death and discord, but also uncovered a rogue moon… with markings that appear to be ancient Spiran…

3×10: Golgotha – Peridonis’ leadership skills are put to the test as she faces an impossible decision.

3×11: Blessed Are The Peacemakers – An elderly Koth returns to his homeworld to build a cathedral, and reflects on his past days aboard the Enterprise. (Written by guest author,Hadrian McKeggan, of STAR TREK: RENAISSANCE)

3×12: Evanescence – The fleet is shocked to find a Federation starship this far from home…moreso when they find it’s crewed by phantoms…

3×13: Anomaly of the Week – It’s going to be one of those days…

3×14: Hourglass – An apparent technical mishap summons a ship that looks like the Vanguard…except for the “ISS” before the ship name…

3×15: Older Than the Stars – The fleet finally arrives at the first “break” in the transwarp network, only to find a dying race on the wrong side of a massive conflict.

3×16: Fallen – With the fleet drawn into the conflict, and some of the crew missing, Bruce begins to lose control of his “other half” – with cataclysmic results.